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Borax eliminates odors in baby clothing.

How To Get Rid of Urine Odor


Give babies the best nature can offer. 20 Mule Team® Borax helps eliminate odors in cloth diapers, baby clothing, sleepwear, and bedding.


Important note: 20 Mule Team Borax is a laundry cleaning agent for use in detergent boosting, household cleaning, and deodorizing. It should NOT be applied directly to children or used as baby powder.


Odors and diaper rash are most likely caused by residual urine that remains in clothing and diapers which was not successfully washed away.


The three signs of urine residue are:


•   The item still smells like urine after being washed
•   The item smells clean after it is first washed but smells like ammonia when in contact with urine
•   Your child wears cloth diapers and frequently has diaper rash (the ammonia in the diaper is
burning your baby’s skin)

What’s that smell?

In the body, ammonia is converted to urea and excreted. Once the urine is released, the urea begins converting back to ammonia, so some ammonia smell is perfectly normal. Residual urea and certain types of bacteria and enzymes increase the production of ammonia. So if there is a strong ammonia odor after your baby pees, you most likely have biological residue in your diaper.

How to get rid of odors in baby clothes, bedding, and diapers

20 Mule Team Borax inhibits the activity of enzymes that feed on residual urea and prevent odors in baby clothes, bedding, sleepwear, and diapers. Borax is 100% natural, contains no phosphates or harsh chlorines. Add a half cup of Borax to wash at the same time as detergent.


For heavily-soiled items, immediately flush with water and pre-soak items in 1/2 cup of Borax per one gallon of hot water for an hour or more before adding them to your washing machine. While soaking items, be sure not to leave open pails within reach of infants and children.