ph Balance, Water, Laundry, & Borax

ph Balance Your Laundry with Borax

pH stands for “potential of hydrogen”, and refers to the amount of hydrogen ions in any given liquid solution. The lower the number, the more acidic it is, while the higher it is, the more alkaline it is. Typically, water is normally somewhere between 6.5 and 8.5 on the pH scale, but it’s also rarely very neutral when it comes into your washing machine.

When your water’s pH balance is too far beyond neutral, it can start to damage your fabrics and make them seem dingy or worn. Corrosive water really isn’t the best thing for your clothes and fabrics, so you can use borax to fix that.

ph Scale

ph Scale

How does borax help?

Basically, borax acts as a buffer and raises the pH balance of water to a slightly basic solution with a pH of 8. In other words, borax softens and neutralizes water, and reduces damage to your fabrics and clothing. Cool, huh?

You can condition your water easily – just add ½ cup of borax to each laundry load during the wash cycle. If you use a large capacity machine, bump it up to ¾ cup. This is perfect for your delicates, and fabrics that require hand washing. Easy peasy!