How to Control Teen Odors

How to Control Teen Odors

Teens have it tough. They’re going through a ton of changes thanks to puberty. Of course, this means changes in their hormones and changes in their sweat glands. If you don’t take control of these teen odors on their clothes, they’re going to have a pretty rough time!

Types of sweat glands in humans

Types of sweat glands

Eccrine glands

These glands release a salty liquid that's meant to cool the body down during super hot days, or from a day playing sports. They're pretty much all over your body.

Apocrine glands

These glands emit a milky substance that regulates perspiration, and are found in your armpits and genitals.

Borax helps control teen odors

What happens during puberty is that your teen’s apocrine glands go into overdrive, and produce a ton of sweat. Bacteria gets attracted to that sweat, and starts to feed and grow on it. This bacteria is what causes those awful, gassy odors!

Borax helps control teen odors. Although the combination of bacteria and perspiration causes those crazy strong odors, borax stops it before it starts. You see, borax inhibits certain enzymes from producing odor right from the get-go. Odor doesn’t stand a chance!