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Spring Cleaning

3 All Natural Spring Cleaning Recipes Using Borax

3 All Natural Spring Cleaning Recipes Using Borax

Are you a newbie when it comes to DIY cleaning supplies? Or are you a tried-and-true DIY cleaning expert? Whichever camp you fall into, you can welcome in spring cleaning by trying out one of these all natural spring cleaning recipes with 20 Mule Team Borax™. Each one is simple to make, easy to follow, and sure to help you achieve a naturally cleaner home.

1. DIY Carpet Cleaning - Steam Cleaner

Throughout the year, carpets darken as they gather dirt and dust from shoes and feet. Spring cleaning season is a fantastic time to freshen up your carpets and give them some much-needed love.

Ingredients and Supplies: Gloves, Borax, Hot Water, Steam Cleaner, Vacuum

Please wear gloves when making this recipe.

Instructions: First, remove furniture from the room and vacuum. Then, mix your Borax cleaning solution by dissolving a ½ cup of Borax into 1 gallon of water. Place the mixture in your steam cleaner’s tank. Next, spot test a small part of your carpet. Finally, follow your steam cleaner’s instructions and steam clean. Remember to let the carpet dry completely before using it again.

You can also use a similar solution with Borax to spot clean your carpets, and clean new spills and stains. Learn more about how to use Borax for carpet cleaning here.

2. DIY Multi-Purpose Cleaner - Cleaning Counters

Is it just us, or do clean counters make all the difference in your home looking spotless? Wipe away dirt and grime from your home’s counters with this all- natural spray cleaner.

Ingredients and Supplies: Gloves, Borax, Warm Water, A 12-16 Oz Spray Bottle (do not reuse from another product!)

Please wear gloves when making this recipe.

Instructions: Dilute a ½ cup of Borax into 12 ounces of warm water until no clumps remain. Then pour the mixture into a squirt bottle for application. Be sure to label your bottle and always turn it to the off position after use. It should be stored out of reach of children and pets, as with all household cleaning products.

You can use this simple solution to clean other surfaces throughout your home. Learn more here.

3. Laundry Booster

We love transitioning from winter to spring. But, with the added outdoor time for kids or activity time for yourself - it can mean more laundry and different stains. Leverage Borax for your spring laundry needs!! By adding this mixture to your laundry load, you can ensure your laundry is extra fresh and clean for spring.

Ingredients: Gloves, Borax, Warm Water, 1 Measuring Cup, 1 Mason Jar of Sealable Container

Please wear gloves when making this recipe.

Instructions: Heat the water. Then, add 1 tablespoon of Borax and add it to the mason jar or container. Label the mason jar or container. Then, add the heated water to the container and close the lid. Shake the container well and simply add it to your laundry load.

Learn more about using Borax as a laundry booster here.

4. Homemade Laundry Soap

If you haven’t yet made your own laundry soap before - it can sound like a challenge. With Borax, it’s simple. This spring, you can feel in control and knowledgeable about the ingredients you’re using to wash and clean your laundry. This all DIY, all natural laundry detergent recipe is safe and effective for your laundry. You may just feel like a boss after making it.

Ingredients and Supplies: Gloves, Borax, 1 Box Washing Soda, 1 Fels-Naptha Bar, 1 Bottle Purex Crystals, Measuring Cup, Grater, Container With Lid, Tablespoon Measuring Spoon

Please wear gloves when making this recipe.


  1. Finely grate the Fels-Naptha bar into a container. Pour the 1 cup of Borax, 1 cup of Washing Soda, and a ½ cup of Purex Crystals into the container. Be sure to do this step slowly and in a well-ventilated area.
  2. Use the measuring cup to gently stir the powder mixture. Then, close the container tightly and gently shake to ensure the solution is well mixed. Wait several minutes before opening the container. Label this DIY laundry soap and store in a cool, dry environment away from children and pets until you’re ready to add to your laundry load.
  3. To add to your laundry load, add 2 tablespoons of the mixture per medium load using a dedicated measuring spoon.

Learn more about making your own, all natural DIY laundry soap with Borax here.

5. Pre-Soak Tough Stains

Spring cleaning season is the perfect time to address tough, forgotten stains. Pull those neglected jeans, t-shirts and baby bibs out of the laundry basket and try this simple pre-soak with Borax.

Ingredients and Supplies: Gloves, Borax, Warm Water, a Tub or Bucket

Please wear gloves when making this recipe.

Instructions: Rinse the clothes in warm water. Fill the bucket or tub with warm water. Add ½ cup of Borax for every gallon of water used to fill the bucket. Stir gently and add the clothes to the bucket, letting them soak for about 30 minutes in the solution. Wash your clothes as normal. Before drying, check each garment to make sure the stains have been removed.

Learn more about pre-soaking tough stains with Borax here.

6. Mildew Odor Remover

Spring cleaning season isn’t just about cleaning your rooms. It’s about addressing those musty odors, too! Try this simple spray to remove mildew odors from surfaces throughout your home.

Ingredients and Supplies: Gloves, 2 Tablespoons of Borax, 2 Cups of Warm Water, 1 Spray Bottle, 1 Dedicated Scrub Brush or Sponge

Please wear gloves when making this recipe.

Instructions: Mix water and Borax together and pour the dissolved solution into a spray bottle. Be sure to label the spray bottle. Then, spray the solution on any area affected by mildew odor completely. Let the solution sit on the surface for 3-5 minutes. Use a scrub brush or sponge to gently scrub excess Borax from the area.

Learn more about removing mildew odor with Borax here.

7. Pet Urine Odor Remover

Say goodbye to pet urine odors this spring cleaning season with this all natural cleaning hack.

Ingredients: Gloves, ½ Cup of Borax, 1 Pint Water, ¼ Cup of Salt, ¼ Cup of Vinegar, Large Bowl, a Small Towel or Sponge, Paper Towels

Please wear gloves when making this recipe.

Instructions: Rinse and soak up stains using a wet paper towel. In a large bowl, mix ½ cup of Borax and 1 pint of hot water (for upholstery). For carpet, mix ¼ cult of Borax, ¼ cup salt and ¼ cup of vinegar. Apply the mixture to the stain using a sponge or towel. Let the solution sit for 30 - 45 minutes. Then, blot the stain with water and vacuum the floor.

Learn more about removing pet urine odor with Borax here.

8. Shoe Odor Remover

Shoe odor is incredibly stinky and sometimes, it’s really difficult to get rid of! Put a stop to that smelly shoe odor in your family. This recipe makes it easy.

Ingredients and Supplies: Gloves, Borax, Warm Water, Spray Bottle

Please wear gloves when making this recipe.

Instructions: Pour about 1 liter of water and two tablespoons of Borax into a spray bottle. Be sure to label the bottle. Then, put the spray bottle top on and shake the bottle to mix up the solution. Spray the solution onto the inside of your shoes. Let the mixture sit for 15 - 20 minutes. Then, scrub the inside of your shoes to remove any excess Borax. Repeat as needed for 2-4 days or until the smell subsides.

Learn more about removing shoe odor with Borax here.

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